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Affordable Auto Repair Shop in Hadley, Massachusetts

Auto Repair represents the major year around Service that is offered by our Company. This is the case because high quality Auto repair services are much in demand and are not reliably available, Automotive repair is a specialty for our shop. In these days, when repair often trumps the purchase of a new vehicle for economic reasons, high quality and reliable repairs are essential. We are a “Knowledge based shop” where accuracy of diagnosis and the correct repair procedures are our fundamental goals.

For Kevin, who is the founder, and general manager of the company and all of its services: Auto and truck repair is his “First Love,” and in fact he is a Master Mechanic with over 30 years of hands - on experience in all aspects of Automotive repair.

We welcome just about all “bumper to bumper” Auto Repairs: foreign, domestic, older vehicles and new. Electrical repair and computerized systems are all within our areas of expertise. We pride ourselves on our honesty, forthrightness, and straight talk. We do not talk down to people and we are always willing to discuss your vehicles in real English since understanding and mutual respect are key to good relationships and  results.

We are proud to say that we are not  simply “part replacers” which is a costly and uninformed, trial and error approach, and diagnosing the problem the  best  way it can be done, given our extensive experience; our up to date diagnostic tools, such as computer diagnostic procedures and the like comes first!. In this way we repair and replace only what needs to be done.

The second set of Services that we offer is Small Engine Repair” which includes the repair and maintenance of landscaping, gardening, small snow managing equipment, and hand held machines. Since small engine repair is in greatest demand during Spring, Summer, and Winter, it is a seasonal aspect of our activities. However, in recent years we have been approached increasingly  by people who are looking for a good and reliable small engine repair facility and so we now are set up to meet this need as well on a year around basis. Here too we strive to provide the best, straightforward, and affordable repair services possible with a minimal waiting period.
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Auto Repairs

Choose experience you can trust and the lowest prices available for your auto repairs. Since 1989, Auto Repair & (Equipment Rentals) Inc. has catered to those with limited income like college students and seniors, providing them the repairs they need, at prices that don't break the bank.


From a broken seat belt to small engine repairs, we offer a variety of automotive services and essential repairs. Find all the expertise you need in one convenient location. We price your repairs affordably, and provide you superior service from start to finish.

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Monday–Saturday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

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Who We Are

Auto Repair & (Equipment Rentals) Inc., in Hadley, Massachusetts, is a bumper-to-bumper, all-around auto repair shop with more than 30 years of experience. We specialize in state-of-the-art repair services for customers in Hadley and in surrounding areas. We offer a complete diagnosis of the issue, and we never insist on repairs you don't need. Our friendly technicians strive to provide courteous, friendly services for affordable prices. We believe in full disclosure, speaking to you in a way you understand, instead of overly technical language. Honesty is extremely important to us.

Request an estimate from our auto repair shop in Hadley,
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